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The Hot Mess Business Podcast

Aug 30, 2019

In this episode, I talk with Chris Ronzio of about how even a born-entrepreneur sometimes has to stumble through a mess or two when building their business. He keeps it real about what he's done to become the successful entrepreneur he is today. (And some of it may surprise you!)


We discussed...

  • How he built his first businesses when he was just a kid
  • The awesomeness of, and how he built this successful SAAS company
  • All of the ways things didn't go as expected and how he used each of them to grow
  • The problem with sheep
  • The good news that you CAN get better at hiring (but that it'll never be perfect)
  • How to blend confidence with vulnerability as a business leader
  • The astonishing truth about how much he invests in his learning and development as a leader (This one blew my mind!)
  • The steps you should take RIGHT NOW to identify the operational problems in your business
  • His best advice for what to do when you feel like a mess


I admire and respect Chris so much and am so excited for you to get to learn from him too.


About My Guest

Chris is the founder and CEO of, a platform for entrepreneurs to get their business out of their brain by documenting and delegating the processes in their company.


About the Host

Tamara is the founder of The Process Mentors, where she helps businesses get clear on their processes. As a Trainual Certified Consultant, she can help you tackle the project of documenting your business in Trainual She hopes The Hot Mess Business Podcast will help inspire its guest to embrace the messy parts of running their business...because we've all got 'em!