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The Hot Mess Business Podcast

Apr 26, 2019

In this episode I talk with April MacLean of Infuse Dance Studio in Southern California and Unify Dance Network to find out how she has embraced her own messiness to build a thriving dance studio and a new digital platform for dancers.

Just a few of the gems from this episode include…

  • How leaping before you've figured everything out (or know too much!) can actually be a benefit
  • How feeling like a hot mess is a sure sign you're growing (and that's a good thing!)
  • The importance of the people you surround yourself with and how to know if they're a good choice
  • The value of focusing on the big picture
  • Why playing to your strengths instead of doing all the things will set you free
  • April's vision for proving that art and business really DO go together
  • The important reason why you have to really love and believe in what you do as you're growing your business
  • And of course, why you need April by your side in the case of a zombie-apocalypse

About My Guest

April MacLean is a dog-obsessed, coffee drinking, podcast aficionado from Southern California. After moving through 22 foster homes, she credits dance as being the first therapy that actually worked with her and has decided to dedicate her time building both a brick and mortar studio and digital platform for dancers, focusing on diversity, education, and connection.

I hope you find April's unique blend of wit, wisdom and straight-talk as inspiring as I do. 

You can find out more about her by email at, or at or, or on Instagram @mizmaclean