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The Hot Mess Business Podcast

May 27, 2019

In this episode, I talk with John Holcroft of The Accountability Service about the systems and mindsets he has designed to make sure he finishes his most important work. (And how he helps others do it too!)

We discussed...

  • How being your own boss isn't all sunshine and rainbows
  • The importance of urgency for getting work done and how to create it
  • Why planning, emotional pressure, and reflection are his essential ingredients for getting things done
  • Why thinking of yourself as someone who's "not a productive person" could be hurting you (And how to stop it!)
  • What to do if you're not a completer-finisher

The final nugget of wisdom John shared with me completely changed my day for the better. I hope it works the same magic for you!

About My Guest

John Holcroft lives in England but grew up in Northern Ireland during the troubles. That leads to an interesting accent, a few stories, and no desire to go back. A serial entrepreneur, stay at home dad, and Olympic level procrastinator, in his corporate past he helped save an investment bank from collapse during the 2008 crisis. Then he went on an entrepreneurial adventure, including making music education apps and a medical app that won awards for advancing patient safety.

I know you'll love John's candid reflection on all the ways he continues to learn and evolve as a business owner.

You can find out more about John at or you can email him at